Peer Review Process and Publication Policy

CRPS follows a double blind peer review process, to ensure editorial decision making. In this process the author's names and affiliations will not be exposed to Editors and Reviewers and authors are also kept blinded from Reviewer information. 

In this process, experts in the relevant fields are selected as reviewers and they will analyze the submitted research work from every perspective like quality, originality, academic standards, technical content, documentation, and significance to the journals scope. 

The review report may result in any one of the suggestions mentioned here under, based on the quality of submission.

  • Accept outright for immediate publication
  • Accept subject to minor corrections
  • Accept subject to major modifications
  • Reject

Author has to correct the submission according to comments in review report, if it suggests to do minor/major corrections. Author has to send back the corrected manuscript to Editorial office on time line for smooth publishing process.