Fast Dissolving Oral Film: An Innovative Approach for Drug Delivery

  • Kuldeep Chaturvedi Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Indore (M.P.), India - 453771
  • Pravin Kumar Sharma Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Indore (M.P.), India - 453771
  • Sumeet Dwivedi Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Indore (M.P.), India - 453771
  • Ravi Sharma Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Indore (M.P.), India - 453771
  • Gajanan N. Darwhekar Acropolis Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Indore (M.P.), India - 453771


The present review will provide an overview of orally fast dissolving films. The most popular oral dosage forms are oral fast-dissolving films, which dissolve in the mouth in a matter of seconds without the need for water consumption and provide a quick onset of action. Because of their flexibility and ability to comply with patients, these drug delivery systems are primarily used for pediatric and geriatric patients. They release the active pharmaceutical ingredient within the mouth as soon as they come into contact with saliva. A rapidly dissolving oral dosage form that can be used for drugs with low bioavailability and high first pass metabolism. Oral films are formulated using polymers, plasticizers, colors, flavors and sweeteners etc. Solvent casting, hot melt extrusion, rolling, and solid dispersion techniques are used in the production of the oral film. This review compiles the most recent developments in the formulation of fast-dissolving films and their evaluation metrics, such as thickness, disintegration time, folding endurance, and in-vitro dissolution. It also highlights some of the marketed products to demonstrate the market's demand for oral fast-dissolving films. Also, go over a few of the difficulties encountered during the creation of fast-dissolving films.

Keywords: Fast dissolving film, Solvent casting method, film forming polymer, Evaluation


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