Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Tablet of Thiocolchicoside

  • Dixit Ashish Spectrum Hi Pharmacy College, Sultanpur (U.P)
  • Sahani Vibhu LLRM Medical College Meerut (U.P)


Thiocolchicoside is a centrally acting analgesic and is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Thiocolchicoside is rapidly and almost completely absorbed after oral administration, showing good bioavailability. Hence the main objective of the work was to design, development and in vitro evaluation of natural gum based matrix tablet of Thiocolchicoside.

All the batches were evaluated for angle of repose, carr’s index, hausner’s ratio, hardness, thickness, weight variation, drug content and in vitro release characteristics. The results of DSC and IR spectroscopy exhibited that no chemical interaction between drug and polymers and no shifting in the IR peaks was observed.

The release kinetics and the mechanism of drug release by regression coefficient analysis were investigated. The optimized tablets having HPMC provided more sustained drug release than other polymers. The drug release from the tablets was sufficiently sustained and non-Fickian transport of the drug from tablets was confirmed.


Keywords: Thiocolchicoside, HPMC K15M, Carbopol 934P, MCC PH102


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