A Review on Outbreak of Zika Virus

  • Megha Kadam Institute of Professional Studies College of Pharmacy, Gwalior (M.P.)-474002


Zika virus is an arbovirus in the flavivirus family. Zika virus was discovered in a seninel monkey in Uganda in 1947. Consequently this virus was detected over the year in Africa and Asia. Human to human transmission of zika virus was described in the USA, from a scientist who contracted the infection in Senegal in 2008. Zika virus is an emerging pathogen and the point of this analysis is to highlight its epidemiology clinical feature, and molecular biology. The discoveries of zika virus demonstrate involvement with the other related viruses that are more pathogenic. Although zika virus is a relatively non lethal virus. It is potentially dangerous as it is genetically associated to more virulent and perilous viruses: yellow fever, West Nile, dengue, and Japanese, encephalitis, it could conceivably mutate into a more pathogenic form. 

Keywords: Zika virus, arbovirus, disease.
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